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About vanPlestik

vanPlestik is a young company on a mission: creating beautiful circular products, raising awareness of the plastic problem and saving as much plastic as possible from incineration. vanPlestik has developed and built a 3D printer that uses plastic waste as a ground material. Using these printers, they are able to locally recycle plastic into unique and valuable objects such as chairs, tables and plant pots.

We work with like minded businesses to recycle their waste streams to custom-made products. A selection of our projects is presented on our project page. Next to that, we also sell our own products. Have a look at these in our webshop!

Plastic recycling process with 3D printing
Recycling bins for HEMA Amsterdam

Our projects

We are able to process different types of plastic with our 3D printers. Together, we analyse your plastic waste streams and determine which one to use and what product to make. You can leave the design up to us, or be closely involved in creating the product. We can already start a collaboration project for a single product, but we can also produce larger quantities. 

When the product is out of use or broken, we can reuse the material to make a new product again!

Circular flower pots made from plastic waste

Project casus:
De Nederlandsche Bank

When De Nederlandsche Bank moved to a new office, they found a lot of old paper trays. These paper trays are made from polystyrene (PS), a material that we love to work with. 

DNB wanted to use this waste stream to make a new product for the public spaces of their new office. We used the paper trays to make plant stands that are used to indicate walking routes in the open spaced lobby. 

Do you have a waste stream that you want to recycle to a new product? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities. 

Our own collection

Next to the collaboration projects, we also make our own products. Do you want to contribute to our mission and add some circular products to your home or office?

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