Circular design & sustainable production

Sustainable design products made from recycled plastic
Custom sustainable objects and products, made from your own plastic waste
3D-printer using recycled plastic. Large scale interior design objects.

3D-printing with recycled plastic

vanPlestik is a company on a mission: saving as much plastic as possible from incineration.

vanPlestik has developed and built a 3D-printer that uses plastic waste as a raw material. Using these printers, we produce various products, from custom-made designs for a client to chairs, tables and lamps for your home. All from 100% recycled plastic.

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vanPlestik process: from collecting plastic waste to 3D-printing a new product

Our projects

At vanPlestik, we like to collaborate with companies to recycle their waste stream into custom-made products.

Are you looking for a truly unique product that really suits your company? Would you like to use your brand colours, or blend your logo into the product? Or are you looking for a timeless interior piece for your office? Thanks to the flexibility of 3D printing, this is all possible!

Waste bins for HEMA made by 3D-printing recycled plastic in white and red
Plantstand made from recycled plastic for De Nederlandsche Bank

3D-printing with recycled plastic for De Nederlandsche Bank

When De Nederlandsche Bank moved to a new office in 2020, they found a lot of old paper trays. DNB wanted to use this waste stream to create a new product for the public spaces of their new office. We recycled the paper trays into high plant stands that are used to indicate walking routes in the open spaced lobby. 

Do you have a waste stream that you want to recycle into a new product?

Our own collection

Next to the collaboration projects, we also make our own products. We use different sources and colours of recycled plastic for our 3D-printers. Do you want to contribute to our mission and add some circular products to your home or office?

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Our clients


Can’t wait to get started and use 3D-printing with recycled plastic to create a new product? Send us a message through this contactform so that we can get in touch as soon as possible!