About vanPlestik

vanPlestik team - recycling plastic with our 3D printers

About vanPlestik

vanPlestik is a young company on a mission: creating beautiful circular products, raising awareness of the plastic problem and saving as much plastic as possible from incineration. vanPlestik has developed and built a 3D printer that uses plastic waste as a raw material. Using these printers, they are able to locally recycle plastic into unique and valuable objects such as chairs, tables and plant pots.

Recycled plastic object in public space

Mission and vision

The transition to a circular economy is a worldwide challenge that requires a combination of smart solutions. vanPlestik contributes to this by using large scale 3D printers to process plastic waste streams that are not currently recycled. By collaborating with companies and individuals, we are able to close the loop locally. We use our projects and products to show that plastic waste is a valuable material. In this way, we inspire others to contribute to the circular economy. 

We currently work with 4 large scale 3D printers from our workplace in Amsterdam. However, this solution is meant to be used worldwide. By setting up local recycling hubs everywhere, we can even recycle plastic in the most remote places. This is why our long term vision is to support local entrepreneurs to build their own recycling station.

Impact- co creation - design -> vanPlestik pillars

vanPlestik International

Eventually we want to spread the impact we make locally to a worldwide level. Plastic often ends up in nature because there is a lack of local recycling facilities in many places. With our cost effective 3D printers, we can offer a local solution to the plastic problem. This gives new companies the opportunity to also create valuable objects and prevent plastic from ending up in nature at the same time. 

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Our team

Nout Kooij

Nout is a designer, marketeer and plastic expert all in one. He is a real team player and loves to share the story of vanPlestik with anyone who wants to hear it. 

Nout’s favourite project is the research vanPlestik did for IKEA Sweden.

Sam van Til

Sam is an expert in electronics and coding, and is also the one who will make sure that we can share our 3D printers with the world.

Sam’s favourite 3D-print is the feet of the Plastic Madonna because they are the largest 3D printed feet in the world.

Roos Bouman, Business Operations & Strategy

Roos Bouman
Business Operations & Strategy

Roos makes sure everything runs smoothly. She is responsible for HR, finances, planning, project management, and is the first point of contact for most customers. 

Roos’ favourite product is the Delta because it is so versatile and geometric. As a super-organized person, Roos likes every orderly product.

3D printer vanPlestik

Our 3D printers

Our 3D printers are designed and built especially to be able to work with slightly contaminated plastic waste. In order to allow for any contaminations in the material, we use quite a thick printline. This makes it relatively easy to produce large objects, but makes it more diffucult to print small or very detailed products. The smallest dimensions for a product are 10x10x6 cm and the maximum size of a product is 450x130x90 cm.

Currently, we can process the following types of plastic: 

  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • polypropylene (PP)
  • polycarbonate (PC)
  • PLA

3D-printing at vanPlestik


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