HEMA – From make-up display to waste bin

HEMA – From make-up display to waste bin

Make-up displays en versnipperd gerecycled plastic

A unique waste stream

In 2019, all make-up displays in HEMA‘s stores were replaced. Therefore, over 2000 kilo of plastic waste came to surface. The plastic type of these displays (ABS) is rarely recycled in The Netherlands. Since the displays were collected and separated, we were able to still recycle this waste stream. That is why HEMA now has 35 recycling bins at their HQ, made from their own waste!

Afvalscheidingsbakken voor HEMA, gemaakt van gerecycled plastic van de oude make-up displays van HEMA. Er zijn vier afvalscheidingsbakken voor organisch afval, koffiebekers, plastic en overig afval.

A different colour for every waste bin

To establish a good waste separation, the bins for the different waste streams should be clearly recognizable. Therefore, we coloured the white plastic with pigment. In this way, we created a green bin for organic waste, a blue one for the coffee cups and a red bin for plastics. Adding pigment does not have any effect on the material. We are therefore still able to recycle this material again!

HEMA rode en witte afvalscheidingsbakken van gerecycled plastic

HEMA logo for a HEMA waste separation bin

These waste separation stations are especially designed and made for HEMA. To show this clearly, we printed the HEMA logo in relief on the side of the white and red bins. In this way, we are able to make these waste separation stations truly HEMA!

Deksel van afvalscheidingsbak HEMA van gerecycled plastic

HEMA’s Innovation Lead about this project

During this project we collaborated closely with HEMA’s Innovation Lead, Fabeel Butt. Are you curious about his take on our collaboration? Read the interview here!