Fairphone – From phone case to sustainable stool

Fairphone – From phone case to sustainable stool

Gerecycled plastic van telefoonhoesjes

Recycling phone cases

Sustainable phone company Fairphone came to us with a special request: “are you able to recycle phone cases that have pieces of metal and silicones glued onto it?” Yes, we can!

Fairphone was looking for a solution to sustainably process their old phone cases. These specific cases had written Fairphone on the back in metal letters. And there were silicone edges on the inside to protect the phone. Since materials that are glued together are very difficult to separate, no other recycler would accept the phone cases.

Fairphone phone cases

Recycling with our 3D-printers

Luckily, our 3D-printers are designed and built especially to be able to process this type of waste stream. By using a thick printline, we simply melt the pieces of metal and silicone into the product. In this way we were able to recycle Fairphone’s phone cases into new seating furniture for in their HQ, and flyer holders to take to events and conventions. 

Lumbar loungestoel van gerecyclede telefoonhoesjes

Een kijkje in de keuken bij Fairphone

During this project we closely collaborated with Miquel Ballester, Fairphone’s Circular Innovation Lead. Are you curious about his experience? Read this interview with him!

Finally, there is fun video that shows the entire project. Watch it here!

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