Upcycled waste bins for HEMA

Upcycled waste bins for HEMA

A product to create zero-waste headquarters

Over the last year, we have been working on our biggest collaboration project yet. We are excited to finally share the results of our project for the retail chain HEMA.

We designed and 3D printed almost 200 waste bins for their headquarters. Using old make-up displays from the HEMA stores, we created four different kinds of bins: One bin for paper, one for organic waste, one for regular waste and one for coffee cups. Together, these four bins complete one waste separation station.

The complete package: A custom-made and user-friendly design

To ensure the usability of these stations, we included helpful aspects in the design. Among these are the various colors and sizes of the bins, multiple cut-out lids and engraved labels. Another unique product characteristic is that the HEMA logo is embossed on the side, which adds a personal touch to the bins.

Closing the recycling loop

This project guided us through an exciting year of designing, testing and prototyping. By making these stations out of their own waste, HEMA Nederland was able to recycle a used product and get a new one in return. This project is one of our favorite examples to show how we can upcycle an old product and contribute to closing the loop of plastic recycling.

Are you curious about what we could create out of your plastic waste? Send us an email to [email protected] for potential collaborations.