Turning Your Waste Into New Products

Plastic waste causes huge problems around the world for both men and nature. By 3D printing large objects with recycled plastic vanPlestik is enabling the local reuse of plastic waste.

Revolution the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we can transform plastic waste into unique, high-quality and affordable plastic objects like furniture or custom made parts for the local industry.

Worldwide Impact

Worldwide we want to reduce the global plastic waste problem by enabling and creating local industries. Because many places in the world don’t have access to recycling facilities much of the plastic ends up in nature. With our cost-effective 3D-printers we will be able to close the plastic loop on a local level. As a result new businesses can be created that are able to produce valuable objects and at the same time keep the waste plastic from ending up in nature.


The power of one

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This is how Fairphone is changing the electronic industry from the inside out

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Now what?

At vanPlestik we are convinced that we can have a positive impact on the transition to a circular economy. With only do-goody-good-bullshit (to quote Pink Floyd) we’re not going to get there. We at vanPlestik are already delivering concrete solutions to tackle the plastic waste problem.

Everything we sell is 100% recycled and 100% recycleble. 100% circular.

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