Changing the way we deal with plastic waste, one 3D print at a time

Plastic waste causes huge problems for both men and nature worldwide. We learned that it’s often burned and that a big part of the plastic that ís collected, is not recycled. That’s why we developed a 3D printer especially made to recycle plastic waste streams. From our workshop in the North of Amsterdam, we change the way we deal with plastic waste. By using it as a resource, vanPlestik wants to show the world that plastic is more than a disposable material. 

With our enormous 3D printer we transform plastic waste into unique, high-quality and affordable plastic objects. A comfy lounge chair? No problem. A gigantic statue like the plastic Madonna? Challenge accepted. We love to work for likeminded businesses as well as consumers. Among our clients are Fairphone, HEMA and the municipality of Amsterdam.

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What’s next?

At vanPlestik we are convinced that everyone can have a positive impact on the transition to a circular economy.

We contribute to it by delivering concrete solutions to tackle the plastic waste problem. With our self-built 3D printers, we recycle plastic into high-end furniture pieces. Collaborating with us means working on a plastic free future.

We work with 100% recycled plastic and everything we sell is 100% recyclable. This makes our products 100% circular.

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