NFF award: We promised them golden mountains, and that’s what they got!

The begin of the climb

A few months ago, artist Noor Nuyten got in touch with us. She was working on a project for the Nederlands Film Festival (NFF). Noor was asked to design the award for the winners of the best directorial debut prize and asked us to join in on the project.

For his award she was inspired by the photographs of Yosemite that were taken by Eadweard Muybridge. Impressed by the work of the British pioneer photographer, Noor came up with the concept of ‘De Gouden Berg’ (‘The Golden Mountain’). She designed her first version and built a prototype out of clay. Then she asked our team to make a 3D printed version of it.

De Gouden Berg award – photo: Marie Brändle

Let’s rewind: What’s the source of the material?

We wanted to use a waste stream related to the film industry itself. So we started the search for the right material. After having considered different sources, Noor got her hands on old video tape cases. These cases came with many upsides, such as the easy process of collecting and shredding them. Another advantage was that the cases were made out of Polypropylene (PP). We did a lot of research and testing with this specific type of plastic in the past few months. Once we figured out how to work with PP, this collaboration project came up. It was the very first project for which we were able to recycle PP waste and turn it into a new product.

The goal was to make the award look rich and festive. That is when we began testing different shades of gold. In addition to the golden color, we mixed 24 carat recycled gold-dust into the material. Now, every single mountain that we printed has REAL gold inside of it!

10 Years – 10 Awards – 10 Ceremonies

We’re excited to say that we printed ten golden mountains for the yearly award ceremony. Every year, the winner of the best directorial debut will be announced and awarded with one of our recycled golden mountains. That means that in the upcoming ten years, ten of the most promising young filmmakers will receive a golden mountain printed by vanPlestik. It was a great project to work on and learn from. We would like to thank Noor for the opportunity and are already looking forward to our next possible collaboration. Don’t forget to check out her work here!

Winner of 2020 – Joris Koptod – photo: ©

During the making of the award a short video was filmed. It shows all the steps we took to complete this project and it was put together really nicely! Want to take a look? Check it out here:

Filmprijs van de stad Utrecht: De Gouden Berg